We develop CUSTOM solutions to specific problems in the following areas:


STAIN develops specific functions to specification for the management of product machining tracking, which are designed to be incorporated into the PRD+ module to monitor production progress. Discover the advantages of one comprehensive suite for the integrated management of both production control and product tracking. 


STAIN’s FORGE+ solution computerises all production, logistics, quality control and maintenance flows in a foundry  in view of achieving increasingly greater efficiency. STAIN is the technological partner that has established a strong, deeply-rooted relationship with major forging enterprises, which has led to a change of business culture, by encouraging the digitisation of processes, the increase of teamwork by sharing accurate data in real time, exact cost allocation, by means of a close integration with the in-house ERP system and a continuous improvement approach.


The STAIN+, the complete integrated suite for the manufacturing industry, was further developed to create a specific verticalized product for monitoring production, warehouses, quality and tracking for PIPE MILLS. Discover the advantages obtained thanks to the STAIN solution, integrated with the SAP/R3 system, in the interview of Mario Caldonazzo, CEO of ARVEDI TUBI ACCIAO S.p.A., who quantifies a 27% reduction in downstream operating costs that the company has achieved since 2005. 


The experience acquired by STAIN in the FIREARMS industry, the reliability of the solutions implemented in this sector and the design methodology applied, have made us the ideal partner of  the ITALIAN GUNSMITHS CONSORTIUM for the development of the SIGMA WEB PORTAL, which was developed to computerise firearms transport permits that manufacturers are required to obtain the POLICE HEADQUARTERS to move or sell firearms. STAIN so made its debut in the world of WEB PORTALS by developing the SIGMA PORTAL, using the latest information and security technologies. This portal helps both manufacturers and police stations to considerably save time and reduce paperwork, avoiding daily trips from and to gunsmiths factories and police offices. 


The FIDELITAS GROUP is one of Italy’s leading operators in the field of private security and the transport of values. It has over 1600 employees and is equipped with cutting-edge technology. The extensive know-how acquired by STAIN in industrial processes, references resulting from important solutions in logistics, production control  as well as the methods successfully applied by STAIN in advanced IT solutions, convinced FIDELITAS to ask STAIN to develop a project covering the tracking of all its activities regarding surveillance activities and the transport of values. Discover the characteristics of the STAIN SECURITY solution using MOBILE technology, which has enabled FIDELITAS to achieve major organisational, technological and economic advantages. 


Companies are focusing increasingly on the efficient, effective management of warehouses with billets, semi-finished products and finished products (coils, strips, bundles, wire rod, stretched coil, etc.).  A standard product is not enough to computerise logistics flows - a top-down solution is required which, starting with an established product, is customised to the company setup after in-depth analysis. This will depend on the production site, company culture, exceptions, flows, organisation and numerous other variables which are impossible to code within one standard product. Discover the benefits that FERALPI and ESF obtained with STAIN's METAL logistics solution integrated with company ERP, by reading the interview with the Chairman of FERALPI HOLDING, Giuseppe Pasini.


The solution developed for ALUMINIUM EXTRUSION foundries can be used to handle multiple presses/platens and multiple factories for complete direct and remote control of all production and logistic flows, by acquiring production and process data from in-house PLCs.  It can handle the entire production cycle of the plant, from the billet warehouse to the extrusion process, from feeding sections to aging furnaces, from packaging to weighing and barcode identification of each pack, from finished product warehouse management to shipments. 


Computerised management of equipment (tools, clamps, plugs) in metalworking/taps and fittings companies is a must for acquiring full visibility of the state, quantity, location and residual life of the equipment. It minimizes tooling times, prevents production losses due to lack of suitable equipment when it is needed or redundant tools in the warehouse, with significant investments to stocks.