Project Specific Solutions

Bespoke Stain solutions to meet specific customer production requirements. Not all digitalisation requirements can be resolved with standard, preconfigured MES solutions.

In  complex or  very specific situations it may may be necessary, starting with STAIN products or developing ad-hoc solutions, to design and implement specific solutions that consider the specificity of customer production processes.

STAIN is known on the market for having computerised companies and processes which, by their very nature, have required project-specific activities such as: FORGING, ALUMINIUM EXTRUSION, PIPE AND SHEET DISTRIBUTION CENTRESMOBILE APPsWEB PORTALS for B2B, PIPE MANUFACTURERS.

  • FEASIBILITY STUDY In the preliminary phase, it is essential to start with a feasibility study, to define the system architecture and assess project actions to implement the specifics of production management processes in all departments, and quantify project days that will be required, otherwise it would be impossible to define mutually agreeable project timescales and budgets.
  • APPOINTING A PROJECT MANAGER For the project to be successful, the customer must appoint a project manager to liaise with STAIN and oversee the entire project lifecycle.
  • PROTOTYPE After the feasibility study, a simulation model is developed to enable all users to check that the design complies with requirements. This is to prevent coding from commencing without the certainty that all project flows, operator interfaces and system use models have been fully understood by all users and meet expectations.
  • CODING – After fine tuning the prototype, the project team develop the database artefacts and code for the technological environment selected, using the prototype and functionality specifications.
  • TESTING On completion of coding, to ensure product quality and provide operators in the field with a secure, reliable solution, a team other than the development team carries out testing to find errors that programmers don't normally detect.
  • TRAINING During the field roll-out phase, training is provided for the project manager, who is required to inform all users about methods of use and data analysis.