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Our Software Mes

A Mes (Manufacturing Execution System) software used to digitize production management and control and acquire production information from machines. The system digitizes the entire flow input and output information from the field.

Characteristics of our software mes
Why choose Mes Stain?

  • RELIABLE – We guarantee the continuity and security of the development platform to protect customer investment.
  • 360° INTERCONNECTION – We design interconnection systems for all machinery on the market, using direct interconnection for new machinery or Siemens PLC via Profinet for older machinery.
  • INDUSTRY 4.0 COMPLIANT – As with new machinery to be interconnected, our MES software also qualifies for the tax incentives set out in Italy's Industry 4.0 scheme on hyper-depreciation.
  • BASED ON STANDARD HARDWARE PLATFORMS – We use the main hardware on the market, including Siemens PLC to ensure expandability, connection to all machinery, immunity against interference, sourcing of spare parts, independence from niche hardware suppliers and data buffering in the event of network/server crashes.
  • EASY to use for OPERATORS – We have various operator interfaces that can be used simultaneously, with lights, buttons and selectors that are very simple and robust in the field, and PCs with scanners and/or tablets or smartphones with convenient web pages for use by operators to interact with STAIN+.
  • INTEGRABLE, EXPANDABLE, MODULAR – Our MES software is integrated with the most common ERP systems on the market. It is expandable and configurable to interface with all plants, machinery, measuring instruments, scales and PLC in the field.