Industry 4.0

We use cutting-edge technology that is versatile, secure and guaranteed over time.

Continuous investments in research and training allow us to master the technological trend and choose the most efficient, versatile, secure and easy-to-use solutions for the user in the field. Using reliable technologies is a guarantee that your investment will be preserved over time.

Standard Hardware all-round interconnection
  • HARDWARE STANDARD. The STAIN+ MES is based exclusively on standard commercial hardware and NOT dedicated proprietary hardware. It is scalable and modular: the best guarantee of reliability, security and repeatability of spare parts over time, in Italy and abroad.
  • ALL-ROUND INTERCONNECTION.  With the technologies we use, we can interconnect all the machines available from the market and the new ones via PLC/NC that have been designed for direct interconnection, or via Siemens PLCs in the Profinet network for older machines.
  • A VERY VAST LIBRARY.  Our MES system can be integrated with all the protocols available in the market: OPC-UA, PROFINET, EUROMAP 63, WEB SERVER, CUSTOM PROTOCOLS, ALLEANTIA for CISCO IOx and many others
  • CUSTOMIZABLE INTERFACES. We offer a wide range of devices configurable according to the "digital" level of the operators: from simple lamps and buttons, to TABLET / SMARTPHOPNE (see Stain for Mobile), or PC with scanner / touch screen and department's ANDON on which displaying synoptics / KPI in real time
  • LOCALIZATION All forms and related controls are localized so the MULTILINGUAL with language change in run time is supported
  • MULTI-PLANT STAIN + allows multi-plants management
Versatility and liability over time

Features of our MES systems:

  • MICROSOFT TEAM FOUNDATION SERVER TECHNOLOGY for project management/configuration/software versioning/traceability of the software versions released. Can be used to complete and always have on hand one of the N versions released over time.
  • CERTIFICATIONS.  The development of the project lifecycle complies with the ISO 9001:2015 standard, under which STAIN has been certified since 1996.

AUTHORISATIONS. STAIN+ can be used to determine user groups and the association to each group of authorisations.