Solutions for tube & pipe mills

Stain has developed a complete and integrated software suite dedicated to TUBE & PIPE MILLS for the control of Production, Warehouses, Quality and Tracking.

Production management
  • ERP connection to slitters, welding and finishing lines.
  • Monitoring of production lines in real time.
  • Automatic recording of the duration of all production line statuses (downtime, setup, production). 
  • Electronic management of production orders (requirements, cycle, operations, product)
  • Machine downtime analysis
  • Precise costs with reliable data by Cost Centre, Production Order, Article, etc.
  • Real-time production dashboards, certain and shared (set to the maximum limit, performance, efficiencies, productivity by machine and department).  
Production management
  • Non-compliance Management in an integrated form and directly in line.
  • Management of raw materials compatibility rules on loading.
  • Precise waste analysis with 2nd choice management by production order, article.
  • Integration with the SPC module (control plans and measurements integrated with production)
  • Specimen identification and complete integration with the Test Lab.
  • Exportability to Excel of all information for local processing.
Logistics management
  • Management system updated automatically on inventory.
  • Evidence of the status of materials.
  • Evidence of allocation of all materials (WIP).
  • Blockage of materials according to its status.
  • Prevention of handling errors.
  • Real-time visibility of inventory by Steel Make, Dimensions, Warehouse Bay, Production Order, Article.  
  • Full automation of shipments, transport and deliveries.  
  • Visibility of the location of bundles to be loaded for each production order.
  • Real-time inventory of all warehouses.  
Technological product tracking
  • Barcode identification of each production order (coil, strip of bundle of pipes)
  • Tracking of each order by batch/heat/series.  
  • Search for bundles belonging to a heat, series, batch.
  • Associations of events in the field with a heat / series (SPC measurements, downtimes, non-conformities, etc)
Welding/finishing line SPC (Statistical Process Control)
  • Control Plans by article/customer.
  • Feedback plans/control methods in computerized form, no need for paper and paperwork.  
  • Automatic generation of requests and specimen identification.
  • Full computerization and integration with the test lab.
  • Product / Process / Attribute management.
  • XR / XS / XMR / XNP (Cp, Cpk, Sigma, etc.) control charts.
  • Statistics for the various parameters measured by heat, steel make, dimensions, etc.
  • Elimination of paper and paperwork.
  • Automatic field reporting of any out of range (allocation error or defect?).
  • Univocal information, that is “repeatable” and constantly updated.
  • Run-time control of welding process data and heat treatment, associated with the product.  
  • Field control datasheets.
  • Definition of different control plans by product and location  (standardization of controls for similar products).
  • Data collection and immediate availability.
  • Predefined and immediate data analysis.  
  • Easy data retrieval for further processing/analysis.
  • Immediate release of shipping material.
  • Quickly available laboratory information.
  • Test lab data duly organised and analyzable.
  • Clear and understandable reporting.
  • “automatic” product certification.
  • Production orders “by characteristic”
  • Identification/traceability of the entire product via barcode (from coils through strips, semi-finished and finished pipes, and individual specimens for the test lab)
  • Accurate recording of downtimes
Case History
Arvedi Tubi Acciaio




For Arvedi Tubi Acciaio, Stain has developed an ad hoc project, based on the Stain+ Suite, i.e. the complete and integrated software for the manufacturing industry, from which a specific verticalized module for the Control of Production, Warehouses, Quality and Traceability has been developed for TUBE & PIPE MILLS.

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