For many forges, STAIN has digitalized a project covering all production and logistics flows, quality control and maintenance, the aim being to achieve increasingly great efficiency.

Production planning
  • Long-term planning. This planning commences upon receipt of sales orders. It is used to establish and verify the plant utilisation on a weekly basis, and determine the delivery date as precisely as possible, based on the utilisation of critical systems.
  • Daily planning. This planning is carried out daily for each system according to the sequence of production orders to be processed, with automatic indication of the state of progress of each operation and utilisation of the plant. Any change in operation automatically updates the start and end dates of scheduled operations.
Reception, warehousing and cutting of ingots
  • Barcode identification of each ingot.
  • ERP automatically updated on the stock of each delivery.  
  • Evidence of the status  of material of each order (Available, Unloaded, Blocked, 2nd choice, Scrap, etc.).
  • Evidence of location of all materials (Raw Materials, WIP, Finished Product).
  • Material blockage according to status.
  • Handling error prevention.
  • Cutting order management (one ingot can be associated with several cutting operations).
  • Time recording for each cut on the ingot.
  • Labour time recording.
Ingot preheating furnace management
  • Digitized creation of a preheating furnace datasheet.
  • Computerization of preheating curve compilation logics.
  • Recording of heating operations.
  • Display of current heating datasheets.
  • Computerized management of preheating sheet archives.
  • Display of the detail datasheet  on field workstations for data certainty and elimination of paperwork.
  • Management of graphic layout of ingots in furnace.
  • Automatic capture of actual heating curves and comparison with expected standard.
Forge management
  • Management of forging operations and traceability of all the “heats” performed.
  • Management of the moulds used in the forge.
  • Computerisation of forging datasheets.
  • Capture of forging data (Production order, Ingot, Steel, Operators, size of initial blanks and forgings, Forging times, Process parameters acquired automatically and associated with the part being processed).
  • Visibility, from the press, of the preheating furnace status, the arrangement of ingots inside the furnace and the heating status of each forged part.
  • Digital interaction with furnace operators for the call of parts to be forged in the press.
Heat treatments
  • Computerized archives of standard heat treatment curves.
  • Computerized management of heat treatment datasheets.
  • Tracking of bars during heat treatment.
  • Display of the status of furnaces and current heat treatments.
  • Display of detail datasheet on field workstations for data certainty and elimination of paperwork.
  • Management of the graphic layout of ingots in furnaces.
  • Automatic capture of actual heat treatment curves and comparison with standard curves required for process certification.
Mechanical processing
  • Real-time visibility of machine status (downtime, production, setup).
  • Interface with CNCs for automatic capture of production times and downtimes.
  • Automatic association with each production order/part serial number, processing times and labour.
  • In-house ERP integration for importing production orders and exporting final real cost statements and elimination of paperwork.
  • Availability of KPIs (Performance, Efficiencies, OEE) in real time and by period for statistical analyses.
Testing of WIP and finished products
  • Computerized master data registry of defect categories and reasons.
  • Computerized logging of tests performed and test results.
  • Management of field tests (Dimensional, Ultrasonic, Metallographic).
  • Digitization of sampling cycle and operations for lab tests.
  • Generation of heat treatment batch numbers.
  • Computerized management, for each part, of the answers to the requests for tests at the lab.
  • Visibility of the status of tests in real time and computerized management of the test archive for statistical analysis.  
Test lab and test certificate management
  • Master data of tests to be performed.  
  • Computerization of test specifications.
  • Association of test specifications with the test pieces.
  • Logging of tests requested for each test piece and comparison with the standard.
  • Statistical analysis by period, article, customer, heat, steel grade, dimensions, etc.
  • Formatting of the certificate layout  and automatic recording of test data in the certificate to avoid errors due to manual compilation of certificates.  
Case History
Aso Forge (Aso Group)




For Aso Forge,  Stain has developed the FORGE solution for the computerization of all flows regarding production, logistics, quality control and maintenance in a forging plant.

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Case History




For Italfond, Stain has developed the FORGE solution by STAIN for the digitization of the entire production, the monitoring  of  yield and consumption, efficiency and costs.

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