Valsir chose Stain solutions

Valsir was set up in 1987 by the FONDITAL Group, completing the range of products for the plumbing and heating sector.
The collaboration with Stain transpired in 2007 when VALSIR decided to replace its information system with SAP/R3™ at its main sites, to make the management of company processes more efficient and effective. Consequently there was a need to supply SAP/R3™ with reliable production status data in real time.

Project description


 Two complementary requirements transpired as part of company restructuring:

  • Supply SAP™ with detailed, reliable production status data automatically to advance and cost the product exactly. 
  • Have a tool capable not only of advancing production to SAP™ but especially of capturing product and process data directly from machines (presses and die plates) to construct dashboards and indicators to measure OEE, efficiency, performance, consumption of raw materials and energy.
Benefits achieved

As with the other companies in the group, RAFFMETAL and FONDITAL, VALSIR chose STAIN+ suite integrated with SAP™ to obtain the following organisational, technological and economic benefits:

  • Close integration with the ERP SAP™ system to stop sending paper copies of production orders to departments and avoid the manual entry of production advances to SAP™. These were tasks with no added value, and were actually often the source of errors or omissions that led to inconsistencies and unreliable information.
  • Monitoring of presses and die plates in real time (status, parts processed, production times and stoppages with reasons).
  • Automatic capture of electricity consumption for each machine installed.
  • Automatic capture of raw material consumption, drawing speed and metric weight trends from die plate dispensers, which are essential parameters for ongoing process optimisation.
  • Computerisation of auto-test activities in the field via plans linked to items and checks split between various company departments (production and quality) for ongoing process monitoring and waste reduction.
  • Management of mould documents with the possibility of linking the item and specific production order to each cavity.
  • Real-time processing of powerful dashboards to check performance, efficiency, productivity, OEE, consumption, reasons for waste and press/die plate stoppages.
  • Elimination of paper and distribution of clear, reliable information shared with company departments.
  • Automatic barcode identification of all semi-finished and finished products for the visibility of stock, split by container units (bins, pallets) in each phase.
  • Computerisation of mould management with visibility of each item of equipment in terms of status, location, lifetime of parts and formation of moulds, keeping track of components fitted (mould, mould holder, matrices and inserts) and maintenance operations carried out on each mould.
  • Very easy for operators to use with considerable time savings.
  • Quick, targeted processing of reports for all company departments and requirements.
  • All data can be exported into Excel.