Silgan Dispensing Systems

Silgan Dispensing Systems chose Stain Solutions

The Silgan Dispensing Systems branches in Vicenza and Milan are two of the branches belonging to the Silgan Group, a multinational specialising in dispensing products for some of the most iconic brands in the world, including triggers, spray pumps and closure systems. The group has 20 production sites throughout the world and over 3400 collaborators. The collaboration with Stain dates back to 2013, when the market expanded at an international level and the requirements transpired for new software that provided information in real time captured automatically from machines, to enable precise, detailed and immediate monitoring.

Project description


The project with Stain aimed to interconnect and manage data coming from 3 departments:

  • Plastic component moulding department with 75 casts that produce approximately 11 million components a day.
  • Semi-finished product warehouse.
  • Component assembly department, where there are 11 lines amounting to 400 triggers a year.



  • Elimination of paper: records at the start and end of shifts are now automatic, equating to a saving of 1.5 personnel in logging times.
  • With five large monitors installed in departments it is possible to display indicators to increase people's awareness of departmental activities further.
  • Automatic management of mould maintenance documents. The system flags when specific equipment checks are due.
  • With Stain MES in the logistics department it is possible to plan consignments accurately.
  • Responding to customers in real time: with Stain MES it is possible to see the status of an order in real time. 
  • The management of moulds and equipment has enabled the company to reduce waste by 15%.