Pintossi + C

Pintossi+C chose Stain solutions

Pintossi+c is an Italian manufacturer of brass components for heating and plumbing systems, including valves for radiators, manifolds, adaptors, safety valves, relief valves, zone valves, ball valves for water and gas, fittings and accessories. The collaboration with Stain transpired from the need to have precise information to increase efficiency and productivity at the company.

Project description


PINTOSSI+C chose STAIN+ MES to obtain reliable, accurate information in real time from machinery, with a product which is very easy for operators to use, and simple to install with very short startup timescales (a few days to install it, check wiring and train operators) thanks to SIEMENS™ PLC technology.


The main benefits achieved by installing the STAIN+ package are as follows:

  • Real-time visibility on all company PCs of the status of machines, performance and production progress, to have full control of machinery, always know what is being produced and the efficiency level, and reduce company response times and unexpected events.
  • Integration with the company management system for the automatic import of production orders and the automatic export of totals for parts and times for each order, eliminating paper copies and manual entries that are a source of error and inaccuracies. As a result, production can be planned accurately and costs by item and order calculated.
  • Automatic precise calculation of times, approved parts and waste, avoiding continual amendments due to errors and inaccuracies that transpired previously in written data logging procedures.
  • Reduction in the duration of individual downtimes thanks to detailed stoppage descriptions.
  • Availability of numerous queries for the analysis of performance, efficiency, OEE, waste, and operator tasks to highlight all potential areas for improvement and assess the validity of corrective and preventative actions implemented.