Ori Martin

Ori Martin chose Stain MES Solutions

Ori Martin was set up in 1933 as an electric furnace steel mill for the production of special steels for various applications in the automotive industry, such as nuts and bolts, suspension springs, torsion bars, steering and mechanical components. The collaboration with Stain transpired from the need to computerise technological product tracking in real time for complex systems.

Project description


  • Real-time product tracking.
  • From billets to rolls of wire, bundled bars, extruded profiles etc. in real time.
  • Automatic billet readings on loading into heating furnace, compliance checks and billet warehouse unloading.
  • Linking and tracking billet heats loaded to rolled/extruded products.
  • Automatic linking of data on processes, consumption, quantity/time totals, operator comments, product measurements (also taken automatically using field instrumentation) for every semi-finished rolled/extruded product.
  • Integration with company ERP system to progress scheduled batches and calculate costs with reliable and effective, non-standard data.
  • Automatic identification of rolled/extruded products and loading into finished product warehouse.


  • Real-time tracking data just a click away, eliminating paper and costly searches in the event of complaints or non-compliance issues.
  • Precise costs for each production batch, calculated on the basis of actual rather than standard totals.
  • Availability for all company departments of information correlated automatically on the product/process/quality/production orders.

Supply of clean reliable data for artificial intelligence software and machine learning for predictive maintenance, system modelling and ongoing improvement of product and process quality.