MS Ambrogio

MS Ambrogio chose Stain Solutions

M.S. Ambrogio Group is an international player in the production of springs and metal components for the automobile, electrical and domestic appliance sectors. It has 8 branches on 2 continents, over 1200 employees and 780 production plants. The collaboration with Stain transpired from the need to connect all machines online, and the desire to eliminate paper copies.

Project description


  • More precise and reliable data compared with paper copies. 
  • Increased employee awareness of the use of their time.
  • Monitoring of costs and actual prices, compared with the impossibility of monitoring data previously.
  • Detection of waste and hidden costs with the possibility of intervention. 
  • Easy for all operators to use and understand.
The experience of Mario Sangalli, CEO at Mollificio Sant'Ambrogio, and site managers Giovanni Pagliari and Ivan Meoni

"Decisions are better with precise, reliable data. Margins of error in relation to technological investment are reduced considerably, and making better decisions, reducing the possibility of mistakes, is very important. Even though the Stain system has only been operational for a short while, the initial benefits can be seen already."