Metra Componenti

Metra Componenti chose Stain solutions

Metra Componenti, a company belonging to the METRA Group, specialises in mechanical operations on long extruded bar (from 2 m to over 21 m). Given the type of products involved, the company's services are mainly aimed at the machine tool sectorelectromedical equipment, and rail and road transport.

The collaboration with Stain transpired from the need to detect hidden costs and increase efficiency as part of ongoing company improvement.

Project description


 Metra chose the STAIN+ solution to:

  • Control production in real time.
  • Detect hidden costs in production processes, to keep efficiency high and be increasingly competitive.



 The main organisational and economic benefits obtained with the installation of the STAIN+ solution are as follows:

  • Automatic calculation of times, approved parts and waste, with exact costing for each phase.
  • Rework calculations and corresponding costs.
  • Total elimination of errors due to written errors or omissions, because field production reports, which required continual and costly amendments by managers, are no longer completed manually.
  • Real time progress and stock updates for optimised scheduling and reduction in delayed deliveries.
  • Integration with the company management system for the automatic import of production orders and the automatic export of totals for parts and times for each order, with the precise calculation of costs by article and order.
  • Reduction in the duration of individual stoppages thanks to detailed stoppage descriptions.
  • Availability of numerous queries for the analysis of performance, efficiency, OEE, waste, and operator tasks to highlight all potential areas for improvement and assess the validity of corrective and preventative actions implemented.