Lucchini RS

Lucchini RS chose Stain solutions

Lucchini RS Group is a global leader in the design and manufacture of railway products, including wheels, axles, rims and assembled axle systems for all rail applications - high speed, goods transport and public transport. The collaboration with Stain transpired from the need to complete the modernisation of the company system to have reliable data and a  practical system that is easy to use.

The experience of Augusto Mensi, qualified engineer and MD at Lucchini RS

"The Stain system helps, because it's not possible to improve what can't be measured.

 Starting with the need to complete the modernisation of the company system, through to the search for a practical, easy-to-use solution, it was important never to lose sight of the ultimate objectives. Various factors led Lucchini RS in Lovere to select, test and choose Stain, with its wealth of project expertise and experience, in order to find the most straightforward and pragmatic responses to the various requirements of this specific industry. This series of steps started some time previously and became concrete years later in 2009, when the Stain system was implemented at the Lovere site and its roll-out commenced using a modular approach, which would involve the various production sectors, step by step."