Itap chose Stain solutions

Itap produces check valves and ball valves, pressure reducers, manifolds and fittings for heating systems. The entire ITAP production cycle takes place at three production sites in Italy, in Lumezzane (BS) and Rodengo Saiano (BS). The collaboration with Stain transpired from the need to have real-time data to support the team in completing assessments and making decisions regarding operating practices.

Project description


  • Reliable data in real time to detect criticality and optimise corrective actions.
  • Elimination of paper reports and the need for manual data logging. 
  • Replacement of the old database implemented internally with a more effective, powerful tool. 


  • Reliable data and precise costs.
  • Convenience for operators.
  • Simple data in real time.
  • Easy to connect to machinery.
  • Easy to plan machinery.
The contribution of the owner Ezio Patti, and the two data processing centre managers.

“A tool that helps owners and departmental managers make decisions not just in relation to data monitoring, but also planning and company strategy. If we were to use a footballing analogy we could say that Stain represents the twelfth man on the pitch who makes all the difference."