Italfond chose Stain solutions

Italfond is one of the most modern and technologically advanced steel manufacturers in the world, and specialises in the production of ingots and forged bar in stainless steel and super alloys. The company chose the Mill+ suite for the iron and steel industry.

Project description


  • Management of heat schedules and transfer of weekly production schedule for individual heats with corresponding specifications.
  • Complete tracking of heats in real time, with automated capture of production and process data (energy consumption, amount of scrap and ferrous alloys consumed, chemical analyses implemented, plant stoppages, operator comments, process parameter trends).
  • Incoming raw materials are tracked in addition to the quality grading process for each raw material.
  • Management of stocks of scrap and ferrous alloys, and preparation and weighing of scrap baskets to be loaded for each heat in the EAF.
  • Integration with SAP/R3 for receiving sales orders with production specifics, and automatically sending them to production.


  • Management of long-term planning for the weekly verification of plant utilisation and delivery date compliance.
  • Management of weekly planning for details of orders to be forged daily.
  • Management of preheating furnaces and tracking of ingots in furnaces.
  • Tracking of procedures carried out on each bar in the forge.
  • Mould management
  • Real-time visibility of the production status for each order/bar.
  • Management of heat treatments for each bar forged and heating curves.
  • Management of certificates, with an enormous reduction in time and errors.
  • Automatic capture of processing times, for accurate product costing.
  • Real-time sharing of work and processing data, to enable ongoing improvement and cost reductions.
A contribution of Antonio Longhi, Managing Director at Italfond

"The relationship with Stain is firmly-rooted and getting stronger, and has led to a cultural change in an organisation already prepared for the digital change, but now working towards new prospects."