Galba chose Stain solutions

Galba is a major company in Italy in mechanical operations with high technological content. The company brings its expertise to various sectors, including the automotive, oil hydraulics, earth-moving equipment, commercial vehicle and marine industries. The collaboration with Stain transpired from the need to improve the management and control of productivity.

Project description


  • Monitor processes to understand in what areas efficiency and competitiveness could be improved.


  • Data captured (times, parts) automatically and in real time thanks to Siemens PLCs connected to machinery CNC systems.
  • Easy for operators to use: operators need only log the reason for stoppages (tool change/maintenance/meal break, tooling etc.) whereas duration is logged directly by the system.
  • Auto-testing management.
  • Tooling micro-stoppages.
  • Rapid installation.
The experience of Enrico Baiguera, owner of Galba

"This system has opened up a new road to efficiency and business culture. The data provides the key to a new way of interpreting production businesses. This is one of the effects of the system designed by Stain which many companies have emphasised. We thought we were highly competent before installing this system. When we actually started gathering data, we realised our management method was lacking significantly with respect to company potential, even though we thought that efficiency was higher on the basis of experience and intuition.”