Fondital chose Stain solutions

Set up in the 1970s by Gabriele Rumi, FONDMETAL became a specialist in sub-contracted metal casting operations, and is now a leader in light alloy wheels. The collaboration with Stain transpired from the need to have tools to capture production information at the same speed and accuracy as products, to detect hidden costs and increase productivity.

Project description

As part of ongoing company improvement, FONDMETAL also chose the PRD+ module of the STAIN+ suite to collect data and manage production in all departments.


  • Automatic capture from machines/plants.
  • Availability of real-time data to ensure immediate response to various organisations.
  • Full analyses to enable full comprehension of the various phenomena and the implementation of corrective and preventative actions that maintain standard processes.
  • Data sharing for the consistent analysis of indicators and company dashboards.


  • Machines that are quicker and more accurate.
  • Information on production at the same speed and accuracy as products.
  • Detection of hidden costs in our production processes.


Benefits achieved
  • Automatic calculation of times, approved parts and waste, with exact costing for each phase.
  • Human resources allocated to other tasks, who had previously been involved in manual production tasks.
  • Total elimination of errors due to written errors or omissions, because field production reports are no longer completed manually.
  • Real-time progress updates for optimised scheduling and reduction in delayed deliveries.
  • Financial resources recouped with an increase in efficiency in the various departments monitored.
  • Awareness and focus of departmental managers in relation to global company indicators.
  • Reduction in the duration of downtimes thanks to detailed stoppage descriptions.
  • Accurate and timely logging of rejects by reason and field checks to increase product quality.
The experience of Stefano Rumi, Chairman of Fondmetal

The Fondmetal Chairman, Stefano Rumi, explains why Stain is an ideal partner to meet the strategic demand for increased competitiveness:

“Obviously we want machines that are increasingly faster and more precise, but we also have to think about introducing tools that provide information on production that has the same speed and precision as our products, to detect hidden costs in production processes that we can't manage to eliminate due to the lack of information that reveals them.”