Fondital chose Stain solutions

Fondital is a company which is part of the Fondital Group, and is a leader in precast aluminium radiators and heating systems. The collaboration with Stain transpired from the need to operate in an increasingly competitive market. To meet demand effectively it was essential to have data available that enabled continuous monitoring in real time.

Project description


The Group's companies, Fondital included, had the following requirements:

  • Have integrated information of practical use in governance models, which could represent a real competitive advantage.
  • Improve the quality of work and the efficiency of production processes.
  • Digitalise processes.
  • Improve production efficiency.
  • Guarantee the integrated 360° control of all production steps.



Digitalisation at all company levels and customised Stain software solutions have enabled the following:

  • Full control of production, logistics and quality processes.
  • Recovery of efficiency in managing raw materials.
  • Increase in the efficiency of the production process.
  • Management of stock and finished product consignments.
  • Integration between accounts and production departments, with the possibility of office staff having real time access to information coming from production.
  • Optimisation of timescales and operations in various company departments.
  • Identification of inefficiencies in internal processes.
  • Optimisation of processes and logistics flows. 

Real-time data for generating reports quickly and improving communication between departments and their productivity levels.

A reminder from Silvestro Niboli

"Digitalisation is the strategy required for remaining competitive in a continually evolving market... There have been countless benefits."