S.A. Eredi Gnutti Metalli

S.A. Eredi Gnutti Metalli chose Stain solutions

The Eredi Gnutti Metalli Group is a European leader in the production of brass bars and strips in copper and its alloys, ranging from brass through to special alloys. The collaboration with Stain developed gradually, starting with the incoming/outgoing vehicle weighing process and scrap sampling, and was extended to managing production in the die plate department, and finally rolling copper and brass strips.

Project description


project-specific solution was designed for production tracking, with the following characteristics: 

  • Electronic tracking of all batches (coils, billets, strips, parts etc.) processed by machine/production order/date/shift/operator/result/rework procedure.
  • Product identification and tracking status in all production phases with barcode/RFID.
  • Container identification and product tracking, linking contents with containers electronically for phases where it is impossible to identify an individual part/batch.
  • Visibility of the status of stock batches in the various production phases with search capability setting various filters (status, machine, production order, item, operator, date, batch etc.).
  • Full integration with the company management system, eliminating laborious manual data entry of tracking data by batch/order; test measurements.
  • Verification of every batch on loading the machine to check compatibility in real time with status, production phase, production specifications to prevent errors.
  • Interface for operators in the field which is simple and ready to use.
  • Tracking of checks, measurements and tests carried out by operators on each batch, eliminating laborious paper copies.


  • Availability of integrated information in real time, which is complete and shared to control production progress and track products.
  • Elimination of paper copies which are costly to complete in the field and manage in the office for searches and/or data logging.
  • Elimination of errors due to manual recording and entry into the system.
  • Immediate visibility of work procedures carried out on each batch throughout the production cycle. 
  • Immediate visibility of stocks by phase/status of each individual batch. 

Central archiving of data trends on production, processes and stocks to enable tracking of the status of machines and

The feedback

"Professional, detailed analysis is Stain's winning formula.. The specialists at Stain leave nothing to chance."

Nicola Cantele, Purchasing Manager, Gian Attilio Santini, Industrial Manager, Ferruccio Gnutti, Production Manager of EGM Group, Brescia.