Bruschi chose Stain MES

For over 70 years Bruschi has been operating in the manufacturing industry and specialising in the  die-casting of zinc alloys. The collaboration with Stain transpired from the need to digitalise the company and bring it into the 4.0 era.

Project description


  • Change from analysis software that only controlled production and foundry operations to software capable of joining up different company departments.
  • Rapid data management for complete plant performance analysis.
  • Extended monitoring of production data from casting operations, other production plant processes, and the operations of suppliers in the supply chain.


  • Comprehensive set of tools, which enables effective data integration, commencing with data provided by machinery, through to processes carried out by operators, and integrated communication with the management system in relation to goods coming from suppliers.
  • Consolidation of the results already achieved by the company in the previous 10 years.