Brawo chose Stain Solutions

Brawo S.p.A. is a global benchmark for hot forging of unfinished and finished products in brass, copper and aluminium. The collaboration with Stain transpired from the need for increased efficiency, and to counter the effects of generational turnover. Stain MES was installed in preparation for the delicate handover phase involving many operators nearing pension age. Gathering the knowledge and information possessed by these operators was essential for maintaining and increasing company productivity.

Project description


  • Electronic management of equipment movement and location (tools, spindles, clamps, moulds and pins) with a reduction in tooling times.
  • Recoup financial resources and decrease machine downtimes through the automatic reordering of equipment (tools, dies and pins) in the actual timescales required.
  • Equipment supplier evaluation with reliable accurate data.


  • Identification and tracking of tools, clamps, spindles, inserts for real-time verification of lifetime, status (in the warehouse, in production, being sharpened, scrapped, etc.) and position (on the machine, in the warehouse, undergoing presetting operations, etc.).
  • Computerisation of document process in which the codes of tools/spindles to be set up for each unit are defined for each item/machine.
  • Display of the plan linked to each document process, eliminating the need to distribute paper copies.
  • Management of presetting operations for each tool with automatic correction of the associated part program. 
  • Tool preparation. Prompts operators on the tools to prepare and quantity, on the basis of their remaining lifetime and the parts to be produced, avoiding machine downtimes due to a lack of tools.
  • Automatic reordering of equipment at the end of its lifetime, depending on orders to be fulfilled which have been imported from the company management system.
  • Equipment supplier evaluation with comparison between stated lifetime and the actual lifetime of equipment.
  • Tracking of corrective actions implemented on equipment.
Benefits achieved

Using the integrable TOOL solution in the STAIN+ suite with the PRD+ module to control production has enabled the following:

  • Automatic calculation of the lifetime of each tool, on the basis of the number of parts counted automatically by the machine, and used to progress production.
  • Control and monitoring of all production aspects, including the real-time supervision of plant productivity.
  • Tracking of products and equipment.
  • Organisation of maintenance services and quality.