Case Study

Berna Ernesto chose Stain MES

The latest acquisition of the Umberto Gnutti Holding, Berna Ernesto is specialized in foundry, extrusion, drawing of solid bars and brass hollow bars. Here too the management decides to implement Stain software Mes, already operational in other companies of the group (Almag, Brawo, Lofthouse), with the aim of improving productivity and efficiency.

The key factors of the Mes project

The introduction of Mes Stain has improved several aspects of production, the main goals achieved:

  • Awareness of continuous monitoring and awareness of operators to achieve ever greater production and efficiency's standards. This has led to a significant increase in productivity.
  • Shared know-how . The data on processes and products are made accessible to all by the Mes system (eg tooling sheets, product data sheets, article code, process-product data) and this allows the repeatability of the processes.
  • Monitoring and validation of the solutions adopted with specific alarms.
  • Advanced management of activity connected to production: By the Stain system it is possible to manage Equipment, Quality and Maintenance.