Arvedi Tubi Acciaio

Arvedi Tubi Acciaio chose Stain MES

Arvedi Tubi Acciai has an important position in the national and European markets as a manufacturer of welded carbon steel pipe. The collaboration with Stain transpired from the need to develop a reliable, shared data collection system to replace the old internal information systems.

Project description


  • Performance measurement.
  • Reliable data which is shared to counter effects of generational turnover.
  • Reduce costs.


verticalised feature has been developed from STAIN+, a comprehensive, integrated software suite for the manufacturing industry, to manage production, warehousing, quality and tracking for TUBE & PIPE MILLS. Functionality of the verticalised version: 

  • Status of slitters, welding and finishing lines available in real time on all company PCs.
  • Automatic capture of parts/kg and production/downtime/tooling times for all plants. 
  • Interface with operators in the field which is simple and ready to use.
  • Automatic identification of coils, strips, bundles of pipes in all production phases providing a real time inventory of stocks of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products.
  • Integration with company ERP for exact allocation of costs for each production order by submitting production times, setup downtimes, raw material consumed and the weight of each bundle produced.  
  • Management of product non-compliance in the various production phases with tracking of corrective actions. 
  • Compatibility checks between raw material to be loaded and material stipulated in the order, to prevent errors.
  • Computerisation of control plans and automatic capture of SPC measurements for product and process certification.
  • Tracking by heat, commencing with individual coils/strips/bundles of pipes, so searching for the heat each product belongs to is quick, easy and accurate. 
  • Automation of outgoing weighing and delivery activities, with the automatic completion of packing-lists and compliance checks in real time between the order requested and the goods loaded by warehouse personnel.
  • Real-time visibility of stock and location of coils, strips and pipes in each warehouse bay, avoiding lengthy and laborious manual warehouse searches.
  • Automatic issue of transport documents and corresponding certificates to eliminate manual weighing operations.


  • 27% reduction in costs. 
  • Improvement in performance of each plant. 
  • Elimination of paper and charts from departments and elimination of communication errors.
Read the interview with Mario Caldonazzo, MD at Arvedi Tubi Acciaio

What are the effects and benefits you have had, if they are already evident?

"We have worked with STAIN for several years now. First and foremost, the measurability of our performance parameters, which are now fully under control thanks to this platform.

This enabled the company to reorganize and modify its organizational structure and start a clear-cut cost-cutting plan. Let me better explain: we can rely on accurate data, thanks to precise measurements and thus can assess our performance. We have set up an organizational structure that enables us to use and re-process data at set intervals, as appropriate, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Data is discussed and analysed. Corrective action is implemented in case of deviation and data is measured and analysed again.”

A small methodological revolution…

This has led to a significant improvement that we can measure at the end with the conversion costs, which have been cut by 27% since 2005…"