Test lab management

The Test Lab Management module computerizes the management of mechanical and spectrometric tests by acquiring from the instrumentation the values of each test performed on specimens taken from production, purchases or customer complaints.

  • Real-time availability of data resulting from mechanical, spectrometric, dimensional, impact strength, micrographic and other tests.
  • Each measurement is associated with a heat, specimen, production o purchase order, date/time, plant, non-compliance number and customer for precise and statistical analyses.
  • Elimination of bulky paper archives that are difficult to consult.
  • Online sharing of all measurement data by all company departments.
  • Customisation of lab test reports.  
  • Possibility of capturing values directly from field instrumentation by creating specific interfaces.  
  • Immediate statistical analyses to qualify raw material suppliers.
  • Graphical representation of measurements and correlation with trends.
  • Automatic data capture from measuring instruments.
  • Verification of compliance of measurements with the specification / normative standard.
  • Analysis of stored measurements with the possibility of applying filters by period, supplier, production lines, heat, alloy, specimen number and many other parameters.
  • A single suite to manage Production, Maintenance, Quality and Test Lab.
  • Availability of test data in real timeon all workstations, including field stations requiring tests (chemical analysis of the heat, …) for immediate feedback on the process.
  • Correlation between product, process and lab tests for the issuance of test certificates.
  • Objective and immediate supplier qualification.