Statistical Process Control

SPC+ Statistical process control SPC+ is the module in the STAIN+ suite for computerized management of control plans, the acquisition of field measurements with XR/XS charts, with the possibility of highlighting any deviation directly on the part drawing.

  • Definition of Measurements. The system makes it possible to enter, describe with annexes, modify, duplicate and delete from the database a measurement to be applied to the product.
  • Definition of Control Plans. The control plan is the set of measures to be implemented for the article/machine covered by the control plan. For each measurement, the plan indicates the measurement management tolerances and attributes.
  • Animation of Control Plans. The drawing can be imported as a PDF file and each CAD dotted value can be associated to the graphical coordinate of the dot in the PDF. In this way, when a measurement is selected, the dot is highlighted and the drawing is centred with respect to the dimension.
  • Maintenance of Control Plans. The system handles automatic filing of control plans with the various revisions and allows the copy / cancellation/duplication/ distribution / printing and massive modification.
  • Capture of Measurements in the field. Each field workstation displays the list of measurements to be performed according to the control plan and the associated intervals (TIME, PARTS, PRODUCTION START AUTHORISATION, SHIFT CHANGEOVER).
  • Processing of captures measurements. The measurements acquired automatically or manually in the field are entered in the XR/XS control charts (measurements by value), nP (measurements by attribute).
  • Electronic Management of Feedback Plans and Control Methods. Each measurable dimension can be associated with one or more electronic feedback plans for out processes and/or measurement methods to eliminate paper and paperwork.
  • Configurability. SPC+ is widely configurable to ensure modularity of the solution (e.g. setting of the matrix of operators and field workstations authorized to perform measurements).
  • Gauge Management. The SPC+ provides the management of gauges by code and serial number, the recording of gauge calibration with notices informing of the expiry of the calibration term and the traceability of the loggings made by the gauge.
  • SPC+ alarms: based on the measurements captured, the SPC+ generates alarms (Trend, Shift, Average out-of-limit, etc.) that can be displayed on production run-time monitoring data for immediate visibility  of any process malfunctions. Alarm and note silencing can also be managed to track any corrective action.
  • Digitized management of control plans, which provides the latest updated revision in the field, with all digital documents attached, which eliminates the use of paper and errors.
  • Ease of use by machine and quality control operators, who no longer need to remember when taking measurements because it is up to the system to calculate the intervals and inform them.
  • Immediate visibility of out-of-tolerance measurements for operators thanks to the use of colours indicating any anomalous dimensions directly in the drawing.
  • At the end of each setup, the measurement requests for the authorisation to start production and the resulting tracking are generated automatically.
  • Possibility of acquiring measurements automaticallyfrom various measuring machines  (DEA, MARPOSS, ZEISS).
  • Immediate visibility of the number of measurements to be performed for each machine (trend, shift, average out of limit, etc.) for all operators, on different dashboards, for an immediate intervention of the quality department without waiting for reports/calls.  
  • Immediate analysis of the measurements performed using XT/XS and Pareto charts, calculation of process limits, measurement distribution diagrams and other elements.