Scrap Sampling and area management

The module for the management of scrap sampling and area operations is designed to control any incoming scrap delivery, the list of tests to be performed according to the sampling plan, the logging of test results and any loss in weight to be reported to suppliers.

  • Sampling plans by material / supplier.
  • Barcode identification of scrap to be sampled.
  • Real-time comparison between purchase contract and incoming scrap.
  • Sampling of incoming scrap, by automatically associating the chemical analysis of the sample and the results of the various planned tests.
  • Traceability of out-of-tolerance metals.
  • Management of any loss in weight and laboratory tests.
  • Immediate statistics by supplier / material / date, made available to all company departments.
  • Real-time integration with in-house ERP, by logging incoming quantities after passing the planned checks.
  • Precise visibility of goods in stock for each type of scrap.  
  • Reduced times of the incoming material inspection procedure.  
  • Less personnel required for operations without added value.
  • Certainty of the weight and any inbound/outbound goods with balance of purchase orders to “zero”.  
  • Digitisation of flows thus eliminating paper and paperwork.
  • Elimination of hard copy reports, which are asource of error in scrap sampling operations and determination of any loss in weight.
  • Zeroing of delays in communicating information among the various departments (e.g. Weighing, Warehousing and Purchasing).
  • Real-time visibility  of the state of progress of a scrap purchase order  and the related loss in weight found/agreed for all the departments involved.  
  • Possibility of  intercepting incoming vehicles  being weighed if the scrap being delivered exceeds the quantity stated in the purchase order.