Product certificates

With the Product Certificate project solution, STAIN computerizes the process of releasing certificates for end customer to eliminate the certification times and avoid any non-compliance by customers due to outsourced processes on the supply specification.

  • Management of alloy datasheets to encode all customer requirements and specifications for the production of the alloy code required. 
  • Management of marking requirements. Certification and marking requirements indicate the in-process tests to be performed on the material being produced to guarantee and certify the quality and specifications required by customer.
  • Test batch management. Based on market requirements, the test lab requests for the collection of samples from which to obtain specimens on which to perform the envisaged in-process measurement tests, are generated automatically during production. The specimens are marked univocally and sent to the test lab.
  • Management of lab tests (chemical analyses, impact strength, hardness, inclusions, micrographs, photographs, corrosion).
  • Test lab operators are informed in real time of the tests to be performed for each test batch. When the univocally identified specimen is received by the test lab, the system requests each test based on preset specifications, avoiding errors and delays and immediately informing the operator of next processes.
  • Test report and certification. Issuance of the certificate in the format requested by the Customer, which can be parameterised by the operator, with data obtained automatically from the tests performed, the associated specifications and production order.
  • Drastic reduction in certificate issuance times.
  • Reduction in shipping delays due to the time it takes to obtain approval for the batch to be delivered.
  • Reliable data, without typing errors as data is captured automatically from the database of the measurements made.
  • Reduction in non-conformities and complaints thanks to immediate comparison between customer specification and the measurements performed on the product.
  • Availability in just a click of all the product and normative information and the results of tests actually performed for ongoing process and product improvement.