PRD+ Production Monitoring

PRD+ is the standard module of the STAIN+ suite for the capture of data from machines using the latest technologies

  • Data capture from machines (times and workpieces) automatically using a SIEMENS PLC.
  • Interconnection with machines under Industria 4.0, using the main protocols (OPC-UA, EUROMAP 63/77, TCP/IP, WEB SERVER, Gateway CISCO-ALLEANTIA and others).
  • Monitoring in real time of  the machine status, workpieces, active orders, efficiency.
  • Use of lights, buttons and selector keys onboard the machine to facilitate operator-system interaction in the shortest possible time.
  • Animated dashboards for immediate display of shift / daily / weekly / monthly production trends by machine and department.
  • Incorporation of all the main ERP systems to import orders and send precise final statements.
  • Machine logbook – Computerized management of the assignment of tasks and notes on-board machines.
  • Automatic downtime detection and statistical analysis of downtimes using applicable multiple filters.
  • Possible acquisition of downtime causes directly from machine PLCs
  • Capture of waste from operators and/or directly from machines, and statistical waste analysis by cause, period, item, machine and other elements.
  • Recording of machine operator working times, with possible management of several operators on the same machine and/or one operator on several machines.  
  • Statistics –  Many options to query collected data for the calculation of PERFORMANCE, EFFICIENCY and OEE, using numerous powerful filters for detailed and periodical analyses.
  • Workpiece and production time analysis, i.e. downtimes, tooling times, labour for each operation of the order, including the use of freely configurable Pivot diagrams.
  • Shift time schedule – Management of the shift time schedule by department/machine.
  • Configurability  of layouts, colours, fonts of each data presentation grid for each user.
  • Cost control, punctual and precise, for each production batch. Exact data available in real time, where and when needed.  
  • Focus on end of shift, with operators using reliable and readily available data displayed on easy and intuitive dashboards.  
  • Enhanced efficiency and reduced hidden costs by implementing ongoing improvement actions resulting from the analysis of reliable data.  
  • Know-how shared with all operators to facilitate the handing over of assignments.
  • Measurement of all production plants using the same parameters to make an objective, real-time comparison of results.
  • Customers who visit the departments perceive that all processes are under control, do not depend on a single person because the information disclosed is exact and shared with company departments.