Plant identification and logistics

This activity, which is based on the STAIN+ logistics framework, is integrated with project-specific activities for customers in the metallurgy industry to manage the identification, characteristics, stock, movements and traceability of each order (coils, strips, bundles, etc.) within the plant.

  • Identification of coils, strips, bundles at all processing phases for real-time inventory of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products in stock.
  • Automation of shipping and outbound weighing operations, with automatic completion of the packing list and real-time compliance check of what is requested and what is loaded by warehouse personnel.
  • Management of material status to prevent handling errors or the shipping of non-conforming material to customer.
  • Management of non-conforming products at the various processing phases with traceability of any corrective action.  
  • Zeroing of material search times for production orders/shipping.
  • Real-time visibility of goods in stock and location of each consignment.
  • Real-time visibility of all movements and personnel performing them.
  • Real-time updated visibility on in-house ERP to schedule deliveries and transport.
  • Faster response times to track batches of semi-finished/finished products at all stages of production.  
  • Greater efficiency and productivity of logistics operators, thanks to reliable information that is shared in real time.