Vehicle entry/exit and weighing bridge management

The PESA+ is the module in the Mill+ suite that tracks the licence plate, photographs, net/gross weights of vehicles in transit, simplifying the job of weighbridge personnel in charge of the logging and tracking of all the vehicles entering and leaving the factory.

  • Computerized Lorry Driver Entry Logging to check document compliance and validity (driving licence, vehicle logbook, other relevant documents if non-EU) on entering the weighing area.
  • Computerized logging of vehicles used by drivers (registration plate) and computerized vehicle checks (MOT test due date, nominal capacity, etc.).
  • Register of hauliers. Computerization of haulier or carrier data to manage licences and ECMT requirements, depending on place of origin.
  • Real-time verification of driver transport compliance in addition to engine, trailer, haulier, with the ability to track exemptions.
  • Computerisation of vehicle entries/exits logged, with real-time capture and storage of photographs taken as vehicles enter/exit, automatic capture of net and gross weights, linking transported items to purchase orders or delivery documents.
  • Print-outs with barcode to track vehicles on the premises.
  • Logging and evidence of anomalous weights.
  • Convenient, immediate statistics by date/vehicle registration plate/material type/supplier/weighing cycle status/driver/vehicle type for detailed or periodic analysis on goods entering and exiting.
  • Possibility of installing monitors in driver areas or noticeboards at entrances for automatically summoning vehicles to the incoming weighing area.
  • Photographic documentation of all vehicles entering/exiting premises just one click away.
  • Tracking and storage of all checks carried out on vehicles, hauliers, drivers entering the premises.
  • Real-time visibility of differences that are higher or lower for weighers, in order to complete purchase agreements.