OPR+ Management of operator indirect activities

OPR+ is the module of the STAIN+ suite that is used to register all the activities performed by either indirect operators (such as service engineers and toolmakers) or direct operators who do not run one or more machines but also carry out manual activities even without declaring the parts produced (manual assembly lines, sorting and testing).

  • Configurability by the person in charge of all the types of activity that can be performed by operators.
  • Configurability of the inputs required by operators at the start or the end of each type of activity.
  • Monitoring of the execution time of each activity for each operator.
  • Possibility for each operator to make a cross-check of the time assigned and the time declared for each activity, with immediate evidence of any missed declarations.
  • Summary dashboards on the state of activities in progress for each operator and their duration.
  • Summary dashboards on the activities performed by each operator, cost centre, workcentre and production order.
  • OLE calculation using settable filters
  • Time cross-checking using the presence detection system.
  • PREREQUISITE: the OPR+ requires the installation of the PRD+.
  • Extreme ease of use for field operators who can declare their activities on a  PC, TABLET or SMARTPHONE.
  • Elimination of all hard copy reports, which are a source of error and are very costly to process electronically.
  • Visibility of operators present and activities in progress for foremen.
  • Extensive reporting, configurable with several filters and pivot diagrams, for activity cost analysis.