Department logistics

LGT+ is the module of the suite STAIN+ that identifies and handles Containment Units (CUs) produced in real time by machines, for product tracking, and immediate visibility of WIP warehouses that are loaded/unloaded in real time.

  • Identification of each CU (Containment Unit). Possibility of requesting on-board the machine the printing of tag identifying each CU completed with workpiece details.
  • The tag shows the Article Code, production order, machine, shift, operator, quantity, batch, production date/time, operator notes and any other additional data.
  • CU Loading/Unloading: each CU identification request is followed by the WIP inventory loading by phase. When the CU has been unloaded, the LGT+ unloads the inventory WIP by scanning the tag on the machine using it.
  • Activity on the CU: a CU can be divided into several CUs or more CUs can be unloaded during the sorting phase and a CU containing OK pieces can be created manually.
  • CU inventory: with the LGT+ it is possible, through several filters, to consult the list of CUs in stock for each Article, Production Order, Date/Shift, Status of Stock (in stock, unloaded totally or partially).
  • CU waste declaration: the waste declaration of a CU decreases the OK pieces and increases the rejects in the production final report by machine/shift/production order in which the CU has been produced.
  • Sending movements to ERP: for each CU operation (loading/unloading), the corresponding movement is sent to ERP so as to load/unload the phase inventory to ERP in real time.
  • PREREQUISITE: LGT+ requires the installation of the PRD+.



The LGT+, the software for department logistics, provides for:

  • Automatic identification ofeach Containment Unit (CU).
  • Real-time visibility ofthe phase inventory for each CU both on STAIN+ and ERP. 
  • Optimisation on ERP of work scheduling and flows thanks to the view of the phase inventory in real time.
  • Traceability of the operations and the person who performed them for each CU.
  • Fast analysis, including with freely configurable Pivot diagrams, availability by Article / Phase / Machine / other.
  • Possibility to track, through identified and tracked CUs, the machine/operation that caused a waste/defect, even when the defect/waste is found in subsequent phases compared to the phase/machine that generated it.