Full machine capacity

The CM+ is a module designed to manually plan the machine utilisation at full capacity. It is easy to use, graphically and intuitively, for prompt decisions and answers on the delivery dates and machine utilisation.

  • Importing production orders to be planned from the Corporate Management System.
  • Configuration of departments and machines whose load is to be programmed.
  • Definition of multiple shift time schedules to simulate different machine loading scenarios.
  • Order planning management on the graphic table, using simple drag-and-drop operations.
  • Possibility for operators to change the machine loading sequence very simply with the mouse.
  • Possibility of forcing the operation of an order to start not before a set date.
  • Possibility for the operator to display the machine load in a table or as a Gantt chart.
  • Display of the state of progress for each programmed order.
  • Possibility for the user to freely assign a priority order to the machine as deemed appropriate, the CM+ does not perform checks on available raw materials, equipment and operators. 
  • System not restricting any phase priorities during the machine loading process. 
  • PREREQUISITE. The CM+ requires the installation of the PRD+.
  • Simple to use and low cost to control the manual loading of the operations of each order.
  • No need for Excel spreadsheets that are very laborious to keep updated.  
  • Graphic table that is intuitive and visible on all the PCs for immediate display of the saturation status of each machine.  
  • Extremely easy to move an order from a machine to another by updating the new planning in real time.
  • Notices on the graphic table of any delays on the order delivery date.
  • Visibility of the processing status of each operation by article and/or  customer for immediate answers to customers.

[Download CM+]