Department Andon

Department Andon tool, which can be customized on request, is used to send shift indicators (Performance, Efficiency and OEE) and the events concerning each machine to all operators in real time for rapid interventions.

  • Configurability of the indicators to be displayed.
  • Configurability of the machines managed by each ANDON tool.
  • Preset dashboards for real-time visibility of the OEE trend and Performance, which are made easy and intuitive thanks to the use of EMOTICONs.
  • Gantt charts on the progress of machine status during a shift in order to make the start and end of each event immediately visible to all operators (production/downtime coloured depending on the cause/tooling).  
  • Optional management, on customer request, in reporting significant events by department/machine (end of order, die changeover, request of maintenance and other interventions).
  • PREREQUISITE: AND+ requires the installation of the PRD+.


  • Objectives to be achieved for each shift, visible to all operators.
  • Real-time diffusion of shift-related indicators (Performance, Efficiency and OEE) to all the operators of the department involved for immediate intuitive comparison with the set objectives.
  • Raising awareness among operators of the need for immediate intervention in case of any deviation.
  • Immediate visibility of events that are about to occur and require intervention (die changeover, end of batch, etc.).