Mould, die and insert management

The STP+ is the module in the STAIN+ suite that manages all department activities on moulds, dies and inserts. It automatically records the lifecycle of each piece of equipment, controls the status and the interventions made during production and maintenance.

  • Equipment master data. The STP+ is used to survey all the equipment (moulds, dies and inserts), manage the type, status, location, and the nominal and residual useful life.
  • Equipment tracking. The STP+ keeps track of the use of each mould, die and insert, for each moulding campaign, automatically reporting the lifecycle in shots.
  • Recording of interventions in production. The STP+ can keep track of all maintenance operations on equipment during production for targeted analysis of defects.
  • End-of-moulding CheckList. When the equipment is disassembled from the STP+ press, it generates a checklist that helps operators to evaluate any aesthetic, dimensional and visual defects on the mould.
  • Mould rating. At the end of moulding, it is possible to complete a mould rating form to establish whether the mould requires any maintenance or it can be stored in the warehouse. In case of maintenance, any dimensional, aesthetic and visual defects can be described in reports and photographs to be attached to facilitate the job of maintenance engineers.
  • Equipment maintenance. The STP+ tracks all the maintenance activities carried out on the equipment.
  • Maintenance coupons. Possibility of defining maintenance coupons for each moulds so that after Nth shots, the system automatically indicates the need to perform the activities associated with the coupon and ensure that the equipment is kept in perfect working order.
  • PREREQUISITE. The STP+ requires the installation of the PRD+.
  • Automatic tracking in real time of the lifecycle of all the equipment for comparison with nominal life in order to avoid the installation of equipment that is inappropriate for the quantities to be produced.
  • Real-time visibility of the state and location of each piece of equipment.
  • Traceability of all the activities carried out on the equipment throughout its lifecycle for precise analysis of costs and defects on the product. 
  • Reporting of the activities to be performed on moulds (coupons) to maintenance engineers, according to shots performed, thus eliminating paperwork/Excel spreadsheets that do not allow optimal management of the equipment.