Events and Webinar
Stain turns 30
1990-2020: Our first 30 years.
We started our business by developing software for industrial automation, today our mission is to bring companies into Industry 4.0.!
We do this by developing mes-performing software but also by investing in methodologies and people: technology is important but only
with the contribution of man can it bring the company to the highest levels. This is precisely the thought that will guide our 2020. This year in particular, which represents an important milestone for us,
we will strive to spread the culture of innovation through initiatives where people are at the center: a rich calendar of meetings
to share experiences, training meetings, events to put in contact those who have already dealt with the theme of digitization with those who are now approaching this delicate step. Soon the Stain 2020 meeting calendar will be ready!
Follow us and we will keep you update!