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LOFTHOUSE MFG (Div. of BRAWO) (Canada)

Sector: Fitting


  • Electronic management of  location and handling of equipment (tools, spindles, clamps, dies and plugs), resulting in reduced tooling times.
  • Recovery of financial resources and reduced machine downtimes thanks to automatic  reordering of equipment (tools, dies and plugs) within the required times.
  • Tool supplier assessment with accurate, reliable data. 


  • Identification and traceability of tools, clamps, spindles and inserts for real-time verification of tool life, status (in the warehouse, used in production, being sharpened, scrapped, …) and position (on board the machine, in the warehouse, during presetting, …).
  • Automated management of the cycle worksheet by item/machine on which to determine tool codes/spindles for each unit.
  • Display of the drawing associated with the cycle worksheet, eliminating the need to distribute printed drawings.
  • Individual tool presetting management with automatic correction of the associated part programme.
  • Tool preparation. The system proposes the tools to be prepared and the number required according to the residual useful life of individual tools and items to be made, thus preventing machine downtimes due to missing tools.
  • Automatic tool reordering at the end of tool lifecycle, according to job orders downloaded from in-house management operating system.
  • Tool supplier assessment with a comparison of stated equipment lifecycle and actual life.
  • Traceability of corrective action performed on equipment. 


The TOOLS solution can be integrated into STAIN+ suite with the PRD+ module for production progress control to automatically measure tool life according to the part count acquired automatically by the machine and used for continuing production. 

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