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Sector: Brass
SERVICE METAL COMPANY, a leading manufacturer of brass and bronze ingots and  bars and continuous casting bronze bars, came to us for an automated management system guaranteeing heat tracking for each product, despatch recording by customer/heat and real-time inventorying of all products in stock. Prior to STAIN’s intervention, all these activities were handled by means of written reports.
The solution developed in close collaboration with Service Metal Company enabled the company to win the challenge and achieve the following targets: 
  • Fully automatic barcode identification of all bronze and brass products from the foundry.
     Automated management of the analytical specifications associated with the finished product alloy and the customer.
    Full traceability of all product quality assurance data, and despatch management by customer and heat.
    Real-time inventorying of all products in stock.
    Management of incoming raw materials and sampling.

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