Pipe and sheet metal distribution centres

Stain has developed a specific suite for pipe and sheet metal distribution centres that can be customized according to specific customer needs to computerize the entire process life cycle.

Incoming material management
  • Automatic upload of material purchase orders from in-house ERP.
  • Identification of vehicles at the weighbridge, automatic association  of gross weight and purchase orders with incoming documents of transport (DTT).
  • Visibility of vehicles at the plant and their status in real time.
  • Unloading and weighing of bundles, univocal identification of each bundle (characteristics, heat, etc.) and association of the test certificate received by the supplier for each heat.
  • Storage of the bundle in the warehouse and identification of the location with mobile handheld terminals.
  • Weighing of outgoing vehicles and verification of weights declared in the transport documents with the actual weights measured.  
  • Location management for immediate view, status and position of each batch.
  • Analysis of materials availability based on purchase orders, goods sold and cutting operations.
  • Tracking and display of all the movements performed on individual production orders.
  • Analysis of good in stock and movements using INTELLIGRID technology, that allows the user to create customised filters, pivot diagrams, multi-dimensional graphs, conditional formatting.
  • Management of warehouse movements with mobile handheld terminals.
  • Inventory management with mobile handheld terminals.
Material shipping management
  • Automatic upload from in-house ERP of sales orders for shipment preparation.
  • Computerization of deliveries (packing list).
  • Computerization of  transports.
  • Real-time control of the compatibility of material collected with respect to material to be shipped, preventing loading errors and non-compliance on the status of the material loaded.
  • Location visibility of the material to be collected for each packing list.
  • Logging of the overall  vehicle weight and the sum of weights of each batch loaded.
  • Sending to ERP all the details of each batch loaded for automatic issuance of the document of transport.
  • Automatically sending all the certificates associated with the packing list delivered by email to Customer.
  • Statistical analysis on all shipments performed.  
Processing management
  • Automatic upload of work orders from in-house ERP systems or creation in STAIN+ of work orders  (cutting, threading, calibration, etc.).
  • Calculation and identification of cut batches.
  • Tracking of heats and certificates from the parent batch and all the batches generated after processing.
  • Loading of processed batches to warehouse and updating of inbound and outbound movements to ERP.
  • Scrap and inventory accounting.
  • Accounting of times and the operators who performed cutting operations.
  • Cross-checking of work orders with products consumed, loaded, in stock and return of non-processed material to the warehouse.