Metalworking Verticalization

The STAIN’s MES solutions - designed, developed and installed for over 10 years in numerous leading firms and integrated with common ERP systems – have enabled many businesses to use data collected automatically from the field and convert them into a strategic asset for the company, the result being an increase in productivity and marginality to double figures, often well beyond expectations. STAIN has specialized the data collection module in the STAIN+ suite to create the verticalized PRD+ for MECHANICAL WORKSHOPS,  which provides a LENS for discovering hidden costs in the departments, using data acquired automatically and in real time from the presses, and a GAUGE for measuring the benefits of the corrective actions implemented in view of continuous process improvement. 

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PRD+ Production Control
Discover PRD+: the standard module in the STAIN+ suite for machine data collection with SIEMENS PLCs and operators for manual and/or lump-sum operations. 
The LGT+ identifies and handles  CUs  (Containment Units, i.e crates and boxes) generated in real time by the machines for product traceability and full visibility of WIP warehouses  and inbound ...
SPC+ Statistical process control
The SPC+ for the management of control plans and XR/XS analyses of the measurements acquired on the workpiece. The “SPEAKING DRAWING”, which is uploaded automatically from the CAD system, provides ...
The MTZ+ provides final reporting and an analysis of all maintenance costs, manages spares warehouse, plans preventive maintenance schedules, safety procedures and technical data sheets. 
The DATASHEET module, which is integrated with the PRD+, allows the recipe database of the parameters  for machine setup according to current item to be centralized, controlled and shared. 
 The AUTOTEST module, which is incorporated in the data collection PRD+ module, ensures that visual inspections are carried out at the planned intervals and eliminates the need for in-field paper ...
The NON-CONFORMITY module handles the in-field generation, flow, analysis and costs of a NON-CONFORMITY resulting from a process or product failure.  
The CM+ is the module for the manual planning of the finite capacity machine loading process. It is simple and easy to use, in a graphical and intuitive form, leaving ...