The DATASHEET module, which is integrated with the PRD+, allows the recipe database of the parameters  for machine setup according to current item to be centralized, controlled and shared. 

Product details

  • Master data of datasheet parameters.  The STAIN+  can be used to define parameter master data for subsequent use in various datasheets.  The name, group (can be included into master data), type of parameter (digits or letters) and other elements can be entered for each parameter.
  • Datasheet definition. Datasheet associated with Press, Die and Article can be defined on the STAIN+ . Each datasheet is a set of parameters chosen among those included in the master data. Setpoint, minimum, maximum, parameter-associated note and unit of measurement can be entered for each parameter.
  • Revision management. A change in a parameter entails the automatic generation of a new datasheet revision. The system maintains the history log of revisions and highlights the parameters that have changed compared to the previous revision.
  • Datasheet management. The list of datasheets can be viewed and filtered by Press, Associated Items, Die code, Revision status and Validity date.
  • Datasheet printout. Datasheets can be printed. The report automatically adapts to the number of parameters included in the various datasheets. 

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