The AUTOTEST module, which is incorporated in the data collection PRD+ module, ensures that visual inspections are carried out at the planned intervals and eliminates the need for in-field paper documents. 

Product details

  • AUTO-TEST PARAMETER CONFIGURATION. This function enables the operator to determine and maintain the auto-test parameter master data to be entered in the various auto-test plans.
  • AUTO-TEST PLAN. This function can be used to determine, for each item/machine, the list of associated checks and inspections, the frequency at which each check must be required in field, any notes associated with the plan, attached documents for infield display of photographs of defects, remedies to defects, etc., thus eliminating costly printed documentation.
  • ANALYSIS OF AUTO-TESTS PERFORMED. The authorised operator can view the list of auto-tests performed and related results, the operator who conducted the auto-test, the date and time at which the auto-tests were requested and performed.
  • TEST VALIDATION BY QUALITY. The QUALITY operator can either confirm the results received from the operators who performed the auto-tests or change them, giving reason in a note.
  • IN-FIELD PERFORMANCE OF AUTO-TESTS BY THE OPERATOR. When a Production Order is launched on a machine, the AUTO-TEST module verifies whether there is an AUTO-TEST PLAN associated with the current item, in which case, the module uploads the last ACTIVE revision of the PLAN and starts the count for automatic auto-test expiration according to set test intervals and,  via a light signal and a video message, informs the operator of the tests to be performed.

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