The MTZ+ provides final reporting and an analysis of all maintenance costs, manages spares warehouse, plans preventive maintenance schedules, safety procedures and technical data sheets. 

Product details

  • Configurability. The MTZ+ allows full unlimited configurability and tree parameterization of all serviceable components.
  • Incidental maintenance (run-to-failure breakdown). The MTZ+ allows the operator to indicate in-field failure, control the entire intervention until the problem is solved and issue the final report.
  • Ordinary maintenance (Preventive, Predictive, Cyclic). The MTZ+ controls the definition, planning and tracking of ordinary maintenance activities for each configured component, with time intervals or according to physical parameters (e.g. number of items produced and kWh).
  • Documentation. The MTZ+ allows the user to electronically associate data sheets, videos, safety procedures with each component and intervention, eliminating the need for paper documents.
  • Simulation of activities due. MTZ+ implements a utility that can be used to simulate which maintenance on components will be due within an n number of days.  
  • Spares warehouse. The MTZ+ controls SPARES and SPARES DATA SHEETS.
  • Reporting. The MTZ+ allows advanced reporting to give a detailed analysis of interventions performed with different search parameters, namely times, costs, spares used by component, intervention, service engineer, period and cause.
  • Alert e-mailing. The MTZ+ can send alert and other configurable emails in case of an in-field run-to-failure request by the operator when approaching the planned intervention due date. 

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