In order to optimize energy efficiency and smelting costs, track loaded materials and calculate efficiency, the GF+ computerizes the management of smelting  areas in foundries and records consumption and the trend of parameters (i.e. temperatures and burner state) as part of a continuous optimization process. 

Product details

  • Recording of quantities loaded in the smelting furnaces. The loading operator is equipped with a wireless terminal on which he enters the furnace number, the alloy and the type of material loaded. Before loading the material, he weights it on the GF+, acquires automatically from the balances the weight of ingots and recycled materials. It then records the charging date and time, weight, type of material, alloy and operator.
  • Recording of tapped quantities. The GF+ automatically acquires the weight of the molten material tapped in the ladle, the degassing time and the presses receiving the metal.
  • Consumption. Via a SIEMENS PLC, the GF+ interfaces with the furnace instrumentation and signals, for automatic acquisition of methane, oxygen and electricity consumption.
  • Process parameters. The GF+ can acquire trends in the main furnace process parameters, such as the temperatures, the status of the burners and many more.
  • Data analysis for continuous optimisation of energy efficiency. The GF+ allows multiple analysis of the recorded data, representing in graph or table form, the trend of one or more process parameters, metal charging/discharging events, efficiency and the consumption of methane and electricity, to optimise energy efficiency.  

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