Suite Mill+

Scrap yard management, tracking of heats, consumption and furnace charges for enterprises in the METAL sector, such as STEEL MILLS and aluminium, brass and copper FOUNDRIES.
The MILL+ suite comprises configurable and parametrisable STANDARD PRODUCTS and CUSTOM SOLUTIONS developed for specific customer requirements, based on a feasibility study starting from a large FRAMEWORK, i.e. a series of objects that implement the basic functions to be customized in order to handle the specificities that each customer process requires to computerize production, logistic and process control activities and flows.
Discover how STAIN clients  have achieved considerable cost reduction with the MILL+ suite, by controlling vehicles arriving and leaving the factory, scrap sampling, heat planning and tracking, energy and commodities consumption reporting, furnace charge management, process parameter trends and integrated management of all laboratory tests. 
products Suite Mill+
The MTZ+ provides final reporting and an analysis of all maintenance costs, manages spares warehouse, plans preventive maintenance schedules, safety procedures and technical data sheets. 
The NON-CONFORMITY module handles the in-field generation, flow, analysis and costs of a NON-CONFORMITY resulting from a process or product failure.  
Discover the PESA+ module that tracks the nameplates, acquires photographs and the net/gross weights of  lorries in transit, considerably reducing the workload of  weighbridge operators.
With CAMPIONATURA+ you can manage the sampling of each inbound scrap charge, the list of tests to be performed according to the sampling plan, the recording of test results and ...
CLT+ is  MILL+ suite’s module for the planning and tracking of heats and optimisation of furnace charges. It automatically acquires consumption, process parameters, chemical analyses, downtimes and charged ferroalloy data ...
The LBT+ module is used to automate the management of mechanical and spectrometry tests, by acquiring the results of each test performed on specimens during the production and purchase stages ...
The SVR+ handles the lifecycle, state, location and use of all casting equipment, e.g. ladles, tundish ladles, cooling beds, drawers, baffles and slabs.