Technical Sheets (Receipts)

SCT + is the module of the STAIN + suite which, integrated with PRD +, allows to keep the database of parameter recipes centralized, controlled and shared throught which is possible to set each machine when the item to be produced changes

  • Parameteres’ Master Data to be included in the technical sheet. STAIN + allows to define master data witch can then be used in the various technical data sheets. For each parameter it’s possible to set the name, the group it belongs to (registry), the type of parameter (numeric or text), etc.
  • Technical sheet definition. With STAIN+ is possible to define the technical data sheets associated with the Press, Mold, Article. Each data sheet is a set of parameters selected from those registered. For each parameter entered, it is possible to specify the setpoint, minimum, maximum, note associated with the parameter, unit of measure, etc.
  • Revision management. The variation of a parameter leads an automatic creation of a new revision of the technical sheet. The system maintains revision history and highlights the modified parameters compared to the previous revision
  • Technical sheets management. Is it possible to view the list of technical data sheets and filter them by Press, associated articles, Mold code, Revision status and Validity date of the card
  • Technical sheet printing. The technical sheet can be printed. The report automatically adjusts to the number of parameters on the various tabs
  • Transmission / Reception of Recipes. It is possible to send and receive recipes from presses with EUROMAP64 or EUROMAP77 (OPC-UA) protocol
  • PREREQUISITE. The SCT+ requires the installation of the PRD+.

The benefits of SCT +, the technical sheet management software:

  • Centralized recipe database available on field PCs avoiding paper distribution and various Excel sheets on which they are normally managed.
  • Revisions Management to keep updated the change of parameter setpoints to avoid the wrong setting of  recipes on the press due to the non-uptating of the parameter changes over time.
  • Recipes always updated in the field for immediate consultation by quality and production department.