GF+ Gestione Forni

Accounting of the quantities loaded in the melting furnaces. The forklift driver is equipped with a wireless terminal which indicates the oven number, the alloy, the type of material loaded. Before loading the material he weight it and GF + automatically acquires the weight of the recycled materials from the scales by storing the data / hour of the load, weight, type of material, alloy, operator

Accounting for draft quantities. . GF + automatically acquires the weight of the liquid tapped in the ladle, the degassing time and the presses for which the liquid is intended  

Consumption Accounting. GF +, via SIEMENS PLC, interfaces with the instrumentation and the oven signals to automatically acquire the consumption of methane, oxygen, electricity

Archiving of Process Parameters. GF + can acquire the trend of the main process parameters of the ovens such as the temperature, the status of the burners and many others

Data analysis for continuous optimization of energy efficiency. GF + provide analysis on the progress of one or more process parameters, loading / unloading events, yield, methane / electricity consumption to improve energy efficiency

  • Accurate accounting of the quantities loaded in the melting furnaces and of the quantities drawn in the ladle furnace
  • Automatic acquisition of methane, oxygen and electricity consumption
  • Archiving of Process Parameters
  • Data analysis for energy efficiency management
  • Possibility of transmitting consumption to the energy efficiency management softwares witch may be present in the company