Events and Webinar
Stain at the MECSPE 2019 Trade Fair

Stain participated in the MECSPE trade fair in March 2019 with an exhibition stand, as MECSPE laboratory sponsor, and a live event in the Digital Factory Arena.

STAIN DIGITAL FACTORY 4.0 Connecting live with production sites.

During the live streaming session from the MECSPE Digital Factory Arena on 21 March, we connected to the production sites of our major customers to see how a key Industry 4.0 tool works, i.e. MES (Manufacturing Execution System). Two managers of multinationals streamed live from their premises to tell us about the benefits of digitalisation in factories. These were presented and coordinated by Prof. Ferdinando Azzariti, Business Exhibition Chairman, with contributions from the following: Mr Francesco Rossi, Operations Manager Silgan Holdings, multinational in the plastic moulds industry; Federico Curreli, Operations Manager at ASO Group, a leader in the production of forged bar and ingots; Claudio Morbi, qualified engineer and CEO at Stain Srl.

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